Principal words

Principal’s Welcome word

By the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Mohammed

,Dear Parents

 ,Dear visitors of Alrashad British school website

    Certainly there are many common topics between parents and any educational institution, one of these most important is the balance between the socio educational outputs and the focus on era’s demands without neglecting the crucial and important role of morals and ethos. Al-Rashad British school staff and administration deeply appreciate these aims , and the school considers the accomplishment of this aim to be a challenge which interprets the school vision to be the best choice for any parent who seeks to achieve the best educational services for his/her children. Thank God, the school has fixed paces in achieving this vision


We are partners in this country and we all want to achieve its aim for the year 2021 ,which is to make the united Arab of Emirates one of the best countries all over the world by the celebration of the golden jubilee, the school promises to be one of the first who work on it to achieve it

Thanks to all who organize Al-Rashad British Monument and thanks to all who find Al-Rashad British school their best choice

     ABS is a vibrant, dynamic school in which children have many opportunities to explore, discover, investigate and create across a wide range of disciplines and activities

The highly qualified experienced faculty bring tremendous energy, expertise and enthusiasm to lessons and always focus on enabling the growth and development of each individual child

The best way to understand the school is to arrange a visit to meet the staff and students and to see our beautiful building. I look forward to welcoming you to the school 


, Allah Bless you all

Khawater Youssif Abo laila