Message from the Managing Director

Harvest Private School (HPS) has gone through some tough years recently, however the school has not lost its focus of achieving higher results, better performance and increased student population.

Even though Covid-19 pandemic years were harsh, school enrollment went up and school international benchmark test results rose to higher levels. Our commitment is to improve the performance and outcomes of our students.

Over the coming years, HPS plans to build on its success in obtaining improved ranking for its curriculum adaptation, teaching and learning. The school is striving to improve and excel in its processes and programs while not losing sight of its main mission, to educate future leaders and nurture their lifelong learning skills. In order to ensure progress, the school is working on several skills development programs and paying close attention to the specific and unique needs of our students. We plan to build on our strengths and advance strategically to achieve higher quality

Surrounded and supported by dedicated, committed and caring faculty and staff members, HPS looks to collaborate and work with local and international partners to prepare graduates who will brighten the future. We are proud to share our vision and plans with the community and we hope you will join us in building a better school where students are supported through excellent services, professional staff, dynamic programs and modern technology in a safe and caring environment.

Principal & Managing Director

Fauzan Qazi

We'd love you to be a part of the family